Product Review: Bega Cheese and Maxout Camping Cookware Kit

It’s Saturday!  That means product review time here at the Bug Out Girl blog.  I’ve chosen two today.  I’ve gathered quite a few items in my searches and I’m really excited to share them.  Let’s start first with Bega Cheese.


Bega Cheese is a canned cheese and a product of Australia. Each can is 200g, or just over 7 oz.  The can itself is excellent quality, sturdy with a good thickness.  There’s no expiration date stamped on the cans.  Searching their site, I found that they do this because the cheese is basically good indefinitely, as long as there’s no damage to the can.


Now, like me, you might look at a can that says ‘cheese’ and expect a disgusting, smelly product that you hype yourself up to taste once and immediately throw away while scrubbing your tongue.  But with Bega cheese, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  It smells quite a bit like American cheese slices.  The taste and texture are similar to Velveta, Bega describes it as Mild Cheddar, and its creamy smoothness is excellent for crackers.


I know you have to take my word for it here, since I can’t really offer you a slice, but it’s good.  Not even a weird aftertaste like some canned items.  I’d eat it any time.  It would definitely make a situation more comfortable, say if the power was out and a storm was raging outside.  Light a lantern, grab a glass of wine (or juice) and enjoy!  I know I will.

Next, there’s the Maxout Camping Cookware Kit.  I mentioned this a couple of posts ago when talking about what food to carry in your bug out bag.  This is the little kit I chose.  It’s small and compact, lightweight and well made.


There’s a pot, a pan, a lid, two bowls, a spork, a ladle, a spatula and a sponge, all within a nylon carrying bag.  Its string is quite long.  I use it to hang it on the outside of my bag, saving precious packing space inside.


The pans are aluminum and I anticipate them cleaning up very easily.  I’ve not used the set yet, but will be in a week.  I don’t anticipate any problems, but if I find any issues, I’ll report back.


I found both items on Amazon.  The Bega cheese comes from Safecastle, which is an excellent company.  I can’t recommend them or the products they offer highly enough.  As with many food items, the more you buy at a time, the better price per item you get.  You can find Bega cheese as 1 can, 6 cans or by the case.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Maxout brand of Camping Cookware kit is sold out.  But there are other brands with identical products, some in different colors.  While they’re not the brand I purchased, they list the same stats in their descriptions and their prices are very similar.  I’m including the link to their item, and you’ll get suggested, similar products underneath.

Find Bega Cheese here

Find Maxout Camping Cookware Kit here

And there you have it, my two product picks for the week.  I hope you’ll give them a try if you get a chance!  As a reminder, I’m not sponsored by Amazon, Safecastle, Maxout or Bega.

Don’t forget to comment to be entered in our contest to win a free Mountain House freeze dried meal!  Contest is open until May 26th with the winner being announced on May 27th.  This is the Bug Out Girl saying good night.


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