I’m Still Here

Shocking, I know.  It kinda fell off there, didn’t it?  So what’s been going on, you might wonder.  Well, I had a friend’s wedding, which is always a busy, stressful time, especially since I was in the wedding.  I also picked up a part-time job, since I want to work on snuffing out my debt.  … More I’m Still Here

Urban Preparedness

You might wonder how you’d be able to practise preparedness in an urban setting.  And when I say urban, I mean big city.  You’d likely live in an apartment or condo, not a suburban situation where you have your own home and a yard, however small.  Well, it is possible.  In some ways, you just … More Urban Preparedness

Emergency Medical Preparedness: Bug Out Bag

I thought today that we’d talk about emergency medical preparedness.  I’ll be focusing on what you can include in your bug out bag.  Medical preparedness is a huge topic.  Entire books have been written about it that explain it better than I ever could.  I’ll suggest a couple at the end for anyone interested.  Please note that … More Emergency Medical Preparedness: Bug Out Bag

Product Review: Bega Cheese and Maxout Camping Cookware Kit

It’s Saturday!  That means product review time here at the Bug Out Girl blog.  I’ve chosen two today.  I’ve gathered quite a few items in my searches and I’m really excited to share them.  Let’s start first with Bega Cheese. Bega Cheese is a canned cheese and a product of Australia. Each can is 200g, … More Product Review: Bega Cheese and Maxout Camping Cookware Kit

Dealing With Jerks

Unfortunately, there are jerks in every community.  And the prepper/survival community is no different.  In some cases, the jerks that pop up in our community can be worse.  The people attracted to this lifestyle tend to be highly opinionated, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but can make a person very difficult to find common … More Dealing With Jerks